Osiris Series

Introducing the Osiris Series handlebars by Astra Offroad. This series is designed for motocross  and cross-country riding applications, retaining a familiar grip position to stock OEM handlebars  as they feature increased sweep for greater stability at speed. These handlebars are made from  high quality 7050 aluminum 4mm tubing to strike the perfect balance between strength and flex,  with the taper positioned to improve flex and provide easier access to the bike’s suspension.

The Osiris 35mm is tailored to improve riding posture and maximize front-end accuracy for 2  strokes and 4 strokes alike, while the Osiris 42mm retains a conventional rise that accommodates  most riding platforms.  

The Osiris Series features a unique grip position that promotes greater stability with neutral wrist  alignment to get you to the checkered flag without arm pump.