Apollo Series

Introducing the newly redesigned Apollo Series handlebars by Astra Offroad. Designed for  extreme enduro and enduro riding applications, these handlebars feature minimal sweep for  maximum stability in technical terrain. The Apollo Series handlebars are fabricated from high  quality 7050 aluminum 4mm tubing to strike the perfect balance between strength and flex. The  taper has been adjusted to improve flex and provide easier access to the bike’s suspension. 

The Apollo 30mm is tailored to improve riding posture and increase front-end accuracy while  offering ease-of-lift for 2 strokes, while the Apollo 35mm offers the same benefits for 2 strokes  and 4 strokes alike.  

The Apollo Series features a unique grip position that promotes widened elbows and neutral wrist  alignment, keeping you in your attack position and reducing hand pain and arm pump.