Aurora Series

Astra Offroad introduces a new breed of handlebar; the Aurora Series. Born from the Italian Alps  and carefully crafted from German aluminum using a unique tube turning construction method,  this series is 40% stronger than conventional conified oversized handlebars as a result of this  unique fabrication process. The handlebars are treated with deep saturation anodizing and 2 tone  laser etched logos. 

The Aurora Series promotes rider preferences with 3 rise options that accommodate both 2 stroke  and 4 stroke offroad motorcycles. The Aurora 32 mm is tailored to improve riding posture and  increase front-end accuracy while offering ease-of-lift that better suites 2 strokes, whereas the  Aurora 37 mm compliments both 2 strokes and 4 strokes alike, while the all new Aurora 43 mm  is designed to better accommodate 4 strokes. 

The Aurora Series features a unique grip position that promotes widened elbows and neutral wrist  alignment to keep you in your attack position and reduce hand pain and arm pump. 

The quality, construction, design, and craftsmanship of the Aurora Series puts these handlebars  in a league of their own.