Athena Series

Astra Offroad introduces the Athena Series, also known to as the 50/50 bar, referring to 50 mm  of height and 50 mm of sweep. The Athena Series is an Italian crafted handlebar made from  German aluminum using the same unique tube turning construction method as the Aurora Series. This unique manufacturing process increases strength by 40% over conventional conified  oversized handlebars. The Athena Series is treated with deep saturation anodizing and 2 tone  laser etched logos. 

The Athena 50 mm handlebar is designed for larger bore 4 stroke offroad motorcycles and covers  numerous applications including motocross, enduro and adventure bikes.  

The Athena Series promotes neutral wrist alignment to reduce hand pain and arm pump. The Athena sets the highest standards for quality, construction, design, and craftsmanship

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